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Selected among the top 100 most beautiful beaches in Japan, the tranquil waters of Miuda Beach will remind you of the beaches of Okinawa or Hawaii. Located in the far north of the island of Tsushima, Miuda Beach is easily accessible by car from the Hitakatsu International and Domestic ferry terminal. In the summer months, Miuda is popular with tourists and locals alike.

A spectacular natural beach, Miuda is surrounded by sweeping mountains and has incredibly clear blue waters and white sands. The chance to experience such unspoiled natural beauty is well worth the trip for any visitor to Tsushima.

Showers and toilets are available on-site, and during the summer months, there are often vendors selling snacks and drinks. The beach is located close to a variety of other facilities, including the ‘Nagisa no Yu’ hot spring. Accommodation is also close at hand, with the Miuda Campground and the Miuda Pension a short walk away.

Fees There are no fees for beach access.

The Miuda Campground charges ‎¥1500 per night if you bring your own tent, and ‎¥3600 per night if tent rental is also required (up to 6 people per tent).

Prices as of Summer 2016.
Access information Miuda beach is a 10min drive from Hitakatsu, in the far north of Tsushima. From Tsushima Airport, the beach is about a two hour drive. Car rental is available in Hitakatsu and at Tsushima Airport, and taxis are also available from Hitakatsu.
Open hours Miuda Beach is open year-round. Camping facilities are open from May to March, with tent rental available between May and October.


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