Ioujima Swimming Beach - Costa del sol


MOST POPULAR Ioujima Swimming Beach - Costa del sol A beach paradise only 20 minutes from Nagasaki city!


Located just a twenty minute ferry, or thirty minute bus ride, from Nagasaki city is the beautiful ‘Costa del Sol’ beach or ‘coast of sun’ in Spanish. The beach is named after the brilliant rays of sunshine and crystal clear ocean that makes the area a haven for swimmers.

During the summer months, hundreds of beach-goers flock to Ioujima to make the most of the gentle waves and soft golden sand. Children’s paddle pools and play equipment means that the ‘Costa del Sol’ beach is perfect for families, and shark nets ensure a safe swim for everyone.

For stronger swimmers, a floating pontoon sits off shore to jump off and relax on. Visit the beachside gazebo to rent an inflatable ring for one or three to lounge around in.

Visitors to Costa del Sol can enjoy the never-ending blue skies whilst relaxing in the shade along the 340m beach at the beach house. The Mediterranean inspired awnings and wooden decking seats up to 600 people and is fully equipped with toilets and hot showers, and is wheelchair friendly. Beach entry is free, but use of the beach house incurs charges (see below).

Light meals, drinks, barbeque rental and meat platters are available from the stalls adjacent to the main entrance. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and music as you dig into your kakigori or sizzle some steaks on the barbeque.

Nagasaki City
Fees Beach entry is free, but use of the beach house incurs the following charges:
¥410 for adults
¥200 for senior high school students
Children 15 years and under are free

Showers cost ¥100/ 3 minutes
Coin lockers - various sizes priced from ¥100 - ¥300

Barbeque rental
¥3980 for barbeque hire (two person meat plate included)
Extra barbeque meat, vegetables and seafood can be purchased separately.

Please note this facility is separate from the barbeque restaurant at Yasuragi Onsen Resort.
Access information Public buses and ferries run between Nagasaki city and Ioujima Island.
Contact Ioujima Onsen Resort and Spa to book their free shuttle bus (see related links).

The beach is a 30min walk from the Ioujima Port (which connects to the Ohato ferry terminal) or a 5min ride on an island bus bound for Koshima Kaisuiyokujyo (小島海水浴場).
During the summer holidays a ¥100 bus runs between the beach and ferry terminal.
A free shuttle transports visitors to Yasuragi Onsen Resort to and from the beach during beach house opening hours.

Bicycles are also available to rent from the island information centre and from Yasuragi Onsen Resort. Electric bicycles and child’s seats are available upon request. Visit the lobby of the resort for more information.
Open hours Costa del sol beach is open to the public year round.

Beach house is open July 16 - August 31
9am-6pm (July 16 - August 15)
10am-5pm (after August 16)


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  • Barrier-free* This mark represents a wheelchair friendly facility. Nagasaki is well known for its non-wheelchair friendly terrain, with many slopes and a lot of stairs. The use of cabs and other vehicles are highly recommended.