Shitsu Church and Former Shitsu Aid Center Buildings and Fr. de Rotz Memorial Museum


Shitsu Church and Former Shitsu Aid Center Buildings and Fr. de Rotz Memorial Museum The mission base of de Rotz, who dedicated himself to assisting the needy. A social welfare facility where Fr. de Rotz handed on his talents and skills.


Shitsu Church
When he encountered the hidden Christians, Fr. Petitjean realized that there were many other Christians hiding in the Sotome region. He appointed Fr. de Rotz as parish priest of the Shitsu and Kurosaki districts. On a hill commanding a view over the Goto-nada Sea, he established a church at his own expense. A statue of the Virgin Mary that was ordered from France still stands on the bell tower, although the original bell is gone, having been given up for metal collection during World War II. The low roofs and the flat or slightly vaulted ceilings are effective in withstanding the strong winds that blow there.

Former Shitsu Aid Center Buildings
Fr. de Rotz established this facility as a social welfare center. His intention was to help the women in need to gain independence. The first floor was used as a food processing plant mainly producing noodles such as macaroni and somen (thin wheat noodles), while the second floor was a factory for making textiles. Three courses in practical subjects such as education, reading, writing and calculation were taught there.

Fr. de Rotz Memorial Museum
Fr. de Rotz devoted his life to Catholic mission and salvation in the district of Sotome. All the articles he left behind were collected and preserved in the memorial facilities located within the Sotome-Shitsu Cultural Village. A net-making factory which he established was refurbished into the museum to commemorate his great contributions. Among the exhibits are medical appliances, tools and supplies, printed or written documents, and various other materials he used for his missionary and salvation work. The original factory had a sturdy outside wall in front, to protect the building from the strong wind.

Nagasaki City
Fees Shitsu Aid Center
Adult: ¥300
High School Students: ¥200
Elementary School Students: ¥150

Fr. de Rotz Memorial Museum
Adult: ¥300
High School and below: ¥100

Updated October 2016
Access information By bus:
10 min walk from Shitsu Bunka-mura bus stop
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9:00-17:00 (Tue-Sat)
11:00-17:00 (Sun, 8/15, 11/7, 12/25)

Fr. de Rotz Memorial Museum
Days Closed Shitsu Aid Center
Mondays (next working day if Monday is a public holiday)
29 Dec - 6 Jan

Fr. de Rotz Memorial Museum
29 Dec - 3 Jan