Endo Shusaku Literary Museum


Endo Shusaku Literary Museum A memorial to a Catholic novelist who loved Sotome.


The Endo Shusaku Literary Museum chronicles celebrated Japanese author Endo’s life and study and holds a collection of over 30,000 articles - largely Christian-related - including original written manuscripts and books relating to his writings. The most notable of which, Silence, has been translated to English and turned into an English-language film (Silence, 2016).

This museum is located in Sotome that is a one hour drive away from Nagasaki City. It overlooks the Goto-nada Sea and is a picturesque spot for watching the sun set. The district was home to persecuted Christians during the ban on Christianity and is known as the hometown of Christians in Japan. While not originally from Nagasaki, Endo felt a strong bond with the district, calling it his second home. It was therefore the wish of his family that the museum be built in Sotome.

The attached café, ‘Enchanté’, serves local food including Fr. De Rotz noodles.

Nagasaki City
Fees Adult: ¥360 (¥250 for group entry)
Under 15: ¥200 (¥100 for group entry)

Updated October 2016
Access information By car:
40min drive from Nagasaki Station
By Nagasaki Bus:
1min walk from Michi-no-eki bus stop
Open hours 9:00-17:00
Days Closed 29 Dec - 3 Jan