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How to get to Nagasaki

Trains to Nagasaki

JR Pass Holder? Come to JR Nagasaki Station, a Western terminus Station of Japan Railways.

Flights to Nagasaki

International flight (from Shanghai, Seoul) or domestic flight (from Tokyo, Osaka or other major cities) to Nagasaki Airport

-International Flights to Nagasaki
  • Shanghai --- 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Seoul --- 1 hour 25 minutes
-Domestic Flights to Nagasaki

*From Nagasaki Airport to JR Nagasaki Station --- 40 minutes by bus

Flights to Fukuoka

International flight (from the Netherlands, Singapore, the Philippines, Hawaii etc.) or domestic flight to Fukuoka Airport then take an express bus or JR train to Nagasaki.

From Fukuoka

  • 2 hours 20 minutes by express bus
  • 1 hour 50 minutes by JR train from JR Hakata Station (accessible by subway, bus or taxi from Fukuoka Airport)

By International Cruise ship

Nagasaki Port is Japan’s leading port, welcoming the largest number of major international cruise ships per year. For more information, please click here or ask tour companies near you.

Access from major cities within Japan


from tokyo

Air Plane


from kyoto




from osaka

Air Plane


from hiroshima




from nagoya

Air Plane


By Train

Take a train to the western terminus of Japan Railways, JR Nagasaki Station.
For JR Nagasaki Station: Take the “Kamome”. For JR Sasebo Station: Take the “Midori”. For Huis Ten Bosch: Take the “Huis Ten Bosch”.

Trains to JR Nagasaki Station

  • Tokyo Station --- 7 hours
  • Kyoto Station --- 4 hours 50 minutes
  • Osaka Station --- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Hiroshima Station --- 3 hours
  • Fukuoka (Hakata) Station --- 1 hour 50 minutes
Did You Know?1

JR Sasebo Station is the western-most train station in all of Japan, and JR Nagasaki Station is the western terminus of Japan Railways.
Why not take advantage of your JR pass and travel all the way to the west?

Did You Know?2

The JR Pass for use throughout the whole of Japan can only be bought outside of Japan. The JR Kyushu Rail Pass, which can be used only in Kyushu, is sold at JR Hakata Station, JR Nagasaki Station, and other major JR stations around Kyushu.

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Air Line


Nagasaki Airport

From Nagasaki Airport to destinations within Nagasaki Prefecture, take a shuttle bus, taxi, or ferry.
For more information on transportation, please click here.

Access Information for Nagasaki Airport

From Nagasaki Airport to destinations within Nagasaki Prefecture: How to board the shuttle bus at Nagasaki Airport

Fly to Fukuoka Airport then take an express bus to Nagasaki.

From Fukuoka International Airport to Nagasaki by Shuttle Bus

From Fukuoka (Hakata Station) to Nagasaki by Express Bus.

From Fukuoka (Tenjin shopping area) to Nagasaki by Express Bus.